ERI Visitor Resources

Resources available for ERI Visiting Researchers and Scholars

ERI Wireless Network
  • Name: ERI-WiFi
  • Password: Please inquire with the ERI Front Office Administrative Staff or ERI IT Team.
Printing Resources

The printers below are available from systems connected via the ERI Wireless network, but are not "discoverable".  If you want to be able to print from the network, you will need to configure the printer on your system.

Black and White Laser Printing
  • Printer Name: reconsider  -  ( is full name, but short name should validate) 
  • Type: HP LaserJet M601DN
  • Location: Mail Area, across from the elevators, right next to main conference room
  • Print Driver: HP Laserjet 601 series

This printer can also print PDF documents from a Thumb drive via the USB port at the front of the system.

  • Insert thumb/flash drive into slot
  • Use front panel buttons to locate the PDF file to print
  • Click the select button in the middle
Color Laser Printing
  • Printer Name: imaj  -  ( is full name, but short name should validate) 
  • Type: HP Color LaserJet 4700DN
  • Location: Ellison 6722 (Down the hall just past the bathrooms)
  • Print Driver: HP Laserjet 4700

This printer is only available via the network and does not have the "walk up" print capability of "reconsider" above.

Configuring either of the above printers on a Mac is relatively straight forward:
  • System Preferences
  • Printers and Scanners
  • Add Printer (+)
  • Choose IP
  • Address: Printer Name for one of the printers above.
  •  Protocol: IPP or HP JetDirect
  • Use: Select Software
  • Select the Print Driver for the corresponding printer above