New Hire Information

Welcome to the Earth Research Institute; we hope the information provided here will prove helpful.  Complete details on various topics can be found on the web pages indicated.  If you need any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact one of the administrative team members.

Administrative team: (all

Kelly Caylor, Director, x4547, caylor@eri
Susannah Porter, Associate Director, x8954, porter@geol

Jessica Ajao, Contracts & Grants Manager, x7350 jessica@eri

Beverly Aronson, Contracts & Grants, x7350 

Rustie Beal, Personnel Analyst, x8421 rustie@eri

Debjani Bhattacharya, Financial Analyst, x8231, debjani@eri

Kris Duckett, Travel/Conferences x4885, kris@eri

Kaitlyn LeGros, Personnel Supervisor,  kaitlyn@eri

Jeri O’Mahoney, Purchasing Analyst, x4885, jeri@eri

Rebecca Pratico, Purchasing Assistant, x4885 rebecca@eri

Cecilia Sousa, MSO, x7615, cecilia@eri

Catherine Szegda, Contracts & Grants Analyst, x7350 catherine@eri

Katherine Tompkins, Special Projects/C&G Support proposals@eri

Sheri Walker, Senior Personnel Analyst, x8421 sheri@eri

Please use the following list-serves: (all
Financial:  financial@eri                Payroll:  payroll@eri
Proposals:  proposals-acct@eri    Purchasing:  Purchasing@eri
Travel:  travel@eri                        Computing: help@eri

•    Facilities:  There are several common rooms, a Xerox room, and a kitchen within ERI.  The conference rooms can be scheduled by contacting any member of the administrative team (preferably travel@eri).  We request that participants treat the facilities with the same care they would their own homes.  Many of us spend a great deal of time here so we like to keep the facilities looking as nice as possible.  Use of rooms outside normal business hours will require coordination as the elevators are locked close to 5:00 daily.

•    Keys:  An admin team member will issue keys at the request of an ERI Principal Investigator.  

•    Payroll:  For all payroll related items, please email Payroll@eri or call x8421. Timecards for percent time employees are due the first day of each month.  Time sheets for hourly employees are due every two weeks.  For a download of the hourly timesheet, see the Personnel section of To sign up for direct deposit, please visit

•    Medical Insurance card.  Staff or academic employees hired at 100% for three months or at 50%> for at least one year are eligible for Medical Insurance.  Each employee with insurance coverage should receive a medical insurance card within a month of being hired or becoming eligible.  If the insurance card is not received within the month, please contact the Personnel Analyst at x8421.

•    Ergonomic:  New employees should have an ergonomic evaluation.  This allows us the opportunity to address any modifications of your workstations needed and, thus, avoid work-related injuries.

•    Purchasing: For purchasing needs, please email purchasing@eri or x4885.  For details on UC policies relating to purchasing, please refer to:

•    Recycling: There are recycling bins by the copy machine for: 1) commingled glass, aluminum, and plastics; 2) office pack; 3) newspaper, magazines, books, catalogs, and glossy papers; and 4) thin/thick cardboard, 5) batteries, 6) packing items, 7) pens.  Please do not to mix any astrobright/neon colors with the office pack but include with the magazines and books.  There are additional bins in the kitchen to recycle commingled glass, aluminum, plastics, and for composting. For Techno-trash in Ellison, please use the bins on the first floor.

•    Safety: There is an Emergency Plan/Injury & Illness Prevention Program in each office within Ellison.  Please familiarize yourself with the safety procedures and the meeting area in the event of an evacuation.  If you are located outside of Ellison, please familiarize yourself with the emergency plan of the dept providing space.

•    Telephone: Telephone lines require the use of telephone codes.  If you are working on a contract or grant, your PI can inform you of the appropriate code to use.  If you plan to make personal calls, our Travel Assistant, Kris Duckett, can issue a personal telephone code.  Telephone codes are billed by Communication Services at $1.00 per month plus any costs for local or toll calls.

•    Voice over IP (VoIP such as Skype): Skype may be utilized but requires specific settings to meet campus guidelines.  If you intend to use Skype, please contact help@eri.

•    Travel: For travel needs, please email travel@eri or x4885. Please be sure you are aware of UC policies prior to completing any travel, as some travel expenses cannot be reimbursed (e.g use of non-U.S. Flag carriers for airfare on Federal awards). For details on UC policies relating to travel, please refer to  Additionally, travel outside of California requires pre-registration at in order to be covered by UC Travel Insurance.

•    Workers' Compensation:  If you are injured while working, please notify your supervisor and payroll@eri immediately as we are required to submit paperwork within 24 hours.  For additional Workers’ Compensation information, please see:

•    Xerox:  The Xerox machine, located in the mailroom across from the elevators, operates using copy codes. Admin copies (such as copies of travel receipts) should be made using the appropriate code.  Please see a member of the admin staff for the code for your research group.  If you have personal copies to make, please request a personal copy code from our Travel Assistant.

•    Printing:  In order to meet sustainability goals, we attempt to print only when necessary and to print duplex.  Please keep printing to a minimum, make sure any print jobs are ERI related.  Academic or personal printing should not be via ERI resources as the funding for our infrastructure is via research funds.  If this is problematic or you have a specific personal need, please discuss with the MSO so a recharge can be established to appropriately recover the costs.

Computing items:
•    Compute Team Staff:  

Mike Colee, Computing Resources Manager, x7348 mtc@eri
Aaron Martin, CNT, x8415, aaron@eri
Darla Sharp, CNT, x8475, darla@eri

•    Getting started:  We suggested that those utilizing the ERI computing system familiarize themselves with various items relating to our computing resources.  Information may be accessed on the wiki: These pages will provide you with details about the facilities, software, and resources relating to our computing environment.

•    Communal resources:  ERI has conference rooms with displays (please see color printers, fax machine, and copy machine. For additional resources, please refer to the ERI web page.

•    Setting-up a computer account:  In order to establish a computer account, the applicant or PI must submit a CARF on-line  (see: The form signifies that the new account holder has read and understands the policies referenced on the CARF page.

•    Software & IT Resources: You can find information for accessing ERI systems, software, and other resources at  Widely used scientific software is provided by ERI.  Scientific software specific to an individual research group is the responsibility of each group. If you have specific needs, please ask another member of your research group or contact

•    Accessing Wireless and Campus Systems: requires a UCSB NetID which is activated on-line via the Campus Identity Manager (see accounts are issued by Enterprise Technology Services Identity Manager and  (located in SAASB) in person and require appropriate identification. 

•    Computer Support: ( The ERI IT team tries to run a "can do" shop. Infrastructure items and services are supported centrally at no cost to the researcher but issues relating to a specific research group's hardware or software are provided on a recharge basis. Recharge is billed for time and materials only (no profit). It is always free to ask a question, just send an email to "" with as much detail as you can reasonably provide and the team will let you know if the solution will incur a recharge.

ERI Main Office
6832 Ellison Hall
UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3060
Phone number (805) 893-4885  
Fax number: (805) 893-2578