Computer Account Request Form

Please fill out this form to request a new user computer account. Submission of this form, approval, and subsequent account creation is required for any new ERI researcher or CCBER staff to have access to computing resources at ERI and/or CCBER.
Policy Acceptance and Permissions
The computer account is to be used for university/departmental business only and is subject to departmental monitoring. Use of, and access to, the account may be revoked at any time. The user is responsible for understanding and following the policies and guidelines described in the following documents. Acceptance of the following policies is required for an account.
Applicant Information
The following information provides information about the user applying for the computer account at the institute.
This person will verify your request before your account can be created. Begin typing the person's name or email and chose it from the dropdown list. If the person isn't listed, manually type their email.
Add user to the existing UNIX groups, e.g., snow, clivac, etc.
What kind of storage needs are you anticipating? For example: 1TB per year, 10TB tomorrow, etc.