News and Events

Event PI Date
Recovering Runoff Patricia Holden, Marina Feraud, Dong Li, Mitchell Maier 08/17/2017
Antarctica by Way of the U.K. Alex Simms 07/26/2017
Where There’s Smoke Leila Carvalho, Charles Jones, Jamison Steidl, and Dar Roberts 07/25/2017
Rising Tides: Sea Levels in Santa Barbara Alex Simms 06/29/2017
Bren School Faculty Member Receives First David A. Siegel Director’s Award Naomi Tague 06/26/2017
Wildfires, the Government, and the Distribution of Resources During Environmental Disasters Matthew Wibbenmeyer 06/12/2017
Tuning In to the Channel Kelsey Bisson 06/12/2017
Sea Cliff Change on the Santa Barbara Coastline Paul Alessio 06/05/2017
Beyond Regulations: Research Shines a Light on Illegal Fishing Practices Darcy Bradley 05/30/2017
The Birth and Death of a Tectonic Plate Zachary Eilon 05/24/2017