News and Events

Event PI Date
Heated Dilemmas Sarah Anderson , Naomi Tague, Max Moritz 06/20/2018
Life, Death and Carbon David Siegel, Uta Passow, Norman Nelson, Craig Carlson, & Alyson Santoro 06/18/2018
Lofty Ambitions Michael Nowicki, Deanna Nash, & David Miller 06/18/2018
Under the Sea Zach Eilon 06/05/2018
A Ph.D. Student’s Study of the Decline of a Drought-Tolerant Species Laura Drake Schultheis 06/01/2018
After the Debris Flow, Scientists and Survivors Are Looking at Montecito's Worst-Hit Neighborhood Thomas Dunne 05/31/2018
Too Much Sun? Dar Roberts & Max Moritz 05/30/2018
The Sundowner Experiment Leila Carvalho 05/08/2018
Detecting Volcanic Eruptions Robin Matoza 03/29/2018
UK-Based ERI Researcher Receives 2018 David A. Siegel Director’s Award Michael Singer 03/13/2018