News and Events

Event PI Date
Sewage Surveillance Van de Werfhorst and Holden 05/19/2020
Egregious Emissions Simone Pulver 05/18/2020
The Great Uncomformity Francis Macdonald 05/07/2020
Corona Virus is Wreaking havoc on Scientific Field Work Dave Siegel 03/27/2020
Scientists are stuck on an Ice-Locked ship in the Arctic due to Coronavirus Dave Siegel 03/27/2020
Wildfires in a Warming World Charles Jones and Leila Carvalho 01/07/2020
NCOS and Birds Lisa Stratton 12/15/2019
The Vital Resource Beneath Our Feet Debra Perrone 12/09/2019
Space Laser Sees Zooplankton David Siegel 12/06/2019
Wind and Water Stevenson and Touma 12/03/2019