News and Events

Event PI Date
Seminar: Benthic storms and the link with upper ocean dynamics Wilf Gardner and Mary Jo Richardson 10/09/2015
Basin-wide Conservation Planning in Lowland Amazonia: Protection Levels Fail to Track Anthropogenic Threats Davi Teles, Ph.D. candidate, School of Environmental Science, University of East Anglia 07/23/2015
Climate Hazards Group Seminar: Rainfall extremes over the Peruvian Andes: An evaluation of the contribution of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) Haline Heidinger 06/19/2015
Climate Hazards Group Seminar: Concerns for Tanzania’s blue and green water resources Dr. Laura Harrison 06/19/2015
BGS Seminar Series: Differences in nutrient cycling among Hawaiian N-fixing trees Lisa August-Schmidt 06/03/2015
BGS Seminar Series: Microbial aerobic methanotrophy in ocean waters: Effects of geochemistry on population structure, and cultivation of select, phylogenetically-diverse lineages Patricia Tavormina 05/27/2015
ERI/Geography Colloquium: The spatial-temporal evolution of topography of the central Andean plateau and geodynamic implications for the growth of plateaus Carmala Garzione 05/26/2015
BGS Seminar Series: Combining remote sensing and watershed models to assess regional-scale carbon balance in mixed-age ecosystems Erin Hanan 05/20/2015
When change is more of the same: The increasing importance of hydrological variability on ecosystem structure and function Kelly Caylor 05/19/2015
Climate Hazards Group Seminar: Global Climate Variability and Extreme Precipitation in High Asia: Implications for Water Resources Forest Cannon 05/15/2015