Geography Undergrad Wins Fellowship in Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Summer Student Fellowship Program



03/17/2017 (All day)


Noah Gluschankoff


Geography undergraduate, Noah Gluschankoff, has won a fellowship in the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Summer Student Fellowship program. This fellowship is awarded to students who complete their junior year by the start of the fellowship and are studying fields of science. The program aims to give students a first-hand introduction to research in oceanography, oceanographic engineering, or marine policy. Fellows are selected based on academic achievement, and who show promise as future ocean scientists. This program is very competitive, with approximately 12% of the applicants receiving awards.

Noah's project seeks to understand how various forms of nitrogen are transformed and interact with sulfide in high pressure and temperatures environments. He will accomplish this through investigating abiotic nitrogen reduction by sulfide in hydro-thermal vents utilizing stable isotope laboratory techniques with the Wankel Lab at WHOI. Additionally. Noah will be participating in a side project focusing on improving the measurement techniques of motor-operated autonomous kayak, aka 'Jetyak', for use in high risk environments or areas that are generally inaccessible to humans

Congratulations Noah!


More information on the fellowship can be found here: