Snow Hydrology (SNOW/AVALANCHES) with Dr. Ned Bair



01/14/2019 (All day)


Ned Bair

It's tiny! It's beautiful! It's cold! It can kill you. Snow and avalanche expert Dr. Ned Bair meets up on a bench during a layover to chat about the beauty of snowflakes, the best ammo for snowball fights, firing cannons at mountainsides, avalanche flam-flam, the dangers of snow patrolling, a lifesaving goat-antelope, the best and worst ski movies and a mentor that changed his life. Also: bomb cyclones and some tips on excavating your car. Or just staying inside. 

A very grainy and pixellated photo of Dr. Ned Bair, snow scientist, out in the field because I forgot to take a picture of him at LAX. I ask that you PLEASE FORGIVE ME.