UC CEIN Science Buddies



11/12/2015 (All day)

UC-CEIN has a new science-fair project, "Looking Downstream: Could
nanosilver in consumer products affect pond life
  This project is our second with Science Buddies, a non-profit which
provides scientifically-reviewed science-fair projects and science
learning activities to the K-12 audience for free on the Science Buddies

Many thanks to Christine Truong (former Admin Assistant), Louise
Stevenson (UCSB graduate student, Nisbet group), and Katie Krattenmaker
(UCSB undergraduate, Nisbet group) for their dedication to the
development and publication of this project as well as to many others
for their encouragement and feedback.

​I currently have a list of ideas for our next Science Buddies project-
contact me with your additional ideas, and/or to be involved in our next