Aaron Martin

Senior IT Engineer

Systems administrator and "Swiss Army Knife" for a University of California, Santa Barbara Organized Research Unit (ORU).
A generalist by nature, I have experience in a number of different areas. I wear a variety of "hats" in my day to day work, making sure that our unit's researchers have the tools to do their work. I work with hardware, virtual machines, networking, name services, network monitoring, printing, programming, systems admin, web development and management including content management systems.

I also assist with resource management (systems, network and Space) for the department. 

My background includes seismic data collection, data processing, visualization and other functions.

Specialties:Programming: sh, bash, perl, SQL.
Systems: Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris.
Web Development: Drupal, PHP, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS,javascript
Misc: SNMP

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