Carla D'Antonio

Professor (Plant and ecosystem ecology)

My research lies at the interface of plant community and ecosystem ecology. The goals of my research program are, to understand controls over variation in plant community change across landscapes and how the invasion of species affects ecosystem composition, structure and functioning. Specific foci include processes that control invasions by non-indigenous plant species and mechanisms through which plants affect ecosystem functioning over short versus long time scales. While I have not limited the lab’s research to introduced species, studying them aids in the search for generality in ecology while providing context specific information regarding invasion, and the potential for long term soil or vegetation change to land managers and restoration practitioners. In the past five years my research contributions have largely been in the following areas: (1) Species traits, invasion success and impact, (2) Short and long-term species effects on ecosystem structure and function, (3) Exotic grasses, the grass fire cycle and vegetation change

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