Daniel Sousa

Postdoctoral Scholar

I am a postdoc working with the La Kretz Center at Sedgwick Reserve. My research interests lie at the intersection of geophysical data analysis and conservation ecology. My research primarily uses optical and thermal satellite image time series, in conjunction with field measurements, to better understand spatiotemporal landscape patterns. Ongoing work focuses on the relationship between satellite image time series, vegetation phenology, and biodiversity; mapping and monitoring of conserved and threatened areas in California; and diurnal and seasonal thermal properties of California Rangelands. Past work has focused on mapping and monitoring of efforts in ecologically sensitive areas in Oman and Bangladesh; the application of spectral mixture analysis to the remote sensing of evapotranspiration; microscale physics of evaporation from porous media; intercomparison of coincident multispectral and hyperspectral observations; and global standardization of Landsat and MODIS spectral mixture models.

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