Doug Burbank

Professor Emeritus, Earth Science (Tectonic geomorphology, collisional orogens, sedimentation and tectonics, and surface processes)

Research Interests:
Tectonic geomorphology; active tectonics; structural and stratigraphic evolution of fold-and-thrust belts and foreland basins; evolution of collisional mountain ranges; kinematics of folding; basin analysis and modeling; analysis of digital topography; sedimentology; magnetostratigraphy; Quaternary paleoclimatology; glacial geology; geodynamics.

Research in Progress:
(1)   Characterizing steady-state and pre-steady state topography in collisional mountains
(2)   Calibrating interactions between climate, erosion, and tectonics (Nepalese Himalaya, Argentina)
(3)   Rock strength, climate, and erosion in the Colorado Rockies
(4)   Indentation tectonics and geodetic-geologic contrasts (Tien Shan, Pamir)
(5)     Quaternary evolution of thrust faults and associated geomorphology (New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan)
(6)     Neogene tectonics and plateau growth of the Tibetan and Puna Plateaus
(7)     Miocene to Recent paleoerosion rates in the Eastern Andes (Argentina)
(8)     Calibrating orogenic deformation with detrital ages (Nepal, Tibet, Argentina)

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