Michael Singer

Researcher (Hydrology and Geomorphology)

My research focuses on hydrology and sediment transport processes, particularly in large river basins, in order to understand how the hydrologic cycle is modified by climatic changes and humans, and how such alterations affect sediment mobilization from terrestrial environments, sequestration and biogeochemical transformation within floodplains and deltas, and ultimately delivery to oceans. These processes are of fundamental regional and global significance because rivers straddle the balance between providing water for drinking, irrigation, and industry and affecting lives and infrastructure in extreme flooding. Additionally, human communities and ecosystems are sensitive to the coupling between hydrology and geomorphology because river sediments carry adsorbed carbon, nutrients, and contaminants and change the topography and functioning of valley floors. My work has implications for availability of water resources, flood risk, river rehabilitation efforts, fate and transport of environmental contaminants, and aquatic and terrestrial ecology in river corridors.

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