Earth Systems Science

Jennifer Thorsch

As Director of the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, I focus on our three main programmatic areas—collections management, education, and restoration.  The integration of these activities support the overall campus mission and provide unique opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and community members to explore, learn, and be inspired by our collections and campus natural areas.

Alex Simms

My interests lie in studying how past depositional systems have responded to sea-level, climate, and tectonic changes. I use a wide variety of tools to study past depositional systems including coring, high-resolution seismic data, GPR and outcrop analysis. I am particularly interested in reconstructing Quaternary Sea Levels around the globe and the role of the Antarctic and Northern Hemisphere Ice Sheets in controlling sea-level changes over the last glacial-eustatic cycle. Although most of my work has centered around coastal systems, I do enjoy studying terrestrial systems as well.

Jamison Steidl

My research interests are focused on geotechnical earthquake engineering, engineering seismology, strong ground motion, and earthquake effects. Through analysis and understanding of past ground motion data, we can better predict the level and variation of future ground motion in metropolitan regions. Strong ground motion is a combination of the effects of the local site conditions, the source to path geometry, and earthquake source dynamics. Only by understanding all of these contributions can we better predict and mitigate the hazard from future damaging earthquakes.

Jean Carlson

Jean Carlson investigates robustness, tradeoffs, and feedback in complex, highly connected systems, and develops multi-scale models to capture important small-scale details and predict large-scale behavior.

Doug Burbank

Research Interests:
Tectonic geomorphology; active tectonics; structural and stratigraphic evolution of fold-and-thrust belts and foreland basins; evolution of collisional mountain ranges; kinematics of folding; basin analysis and modeling; analysis of digital topography; sedimentology; magnetostratigraphy; Quaternary paleoclimatology; glacial geology; geodynamics.


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