Wall and grassy overlook of the water at sunset

About ERI

As an organized research unit, ERI is a department-level entity dedicated to supporting extramurally-funded research. ERI fulfills its mission in three primary ways. First, it provides research support through shared facilities, including computational facilities for intensive simulation modeling and for terabyte scale data storage and access; staging facilities and dry laboratories for readying equipment for field deployments; and access to a wide variety of satellite and aircraft remote-sensing data. Second, ERI provides contract and grant support from proposal preparation through close-out and strives to reduce administrative burden in order to allow PIs to focus on research.  Third, ERI is home to the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Restoration (CCBER), which fulfills the UC Santa Barbara mission of research, education, and public service through stewardship and restoration of campus lands, preservation and management of natural history collections, and through learning experiences and programs that offer unique opportunities for students of all ages.