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Contracts & Grants

The Earth Research Institute’s Contract and Grant Administrators assist eligible Principal Investigators with proposal development and award administration.


Information for new and current academic and staff employees.


Policies and procedures for procuring items with University funds.


Assists ERI departmental travelers and visiting speakers.

Administrative Services

The ERI administrative offices are located on the sixth floor of Ellison Hall. Our staff follow hybrid schedules and thus are not available in office daily. Please see below for the staff breakdown by area. 

These email addresses (suffixed with will reach staff in the following areas:

  • Financial@
  • Payroll@
  • Proposals@
  • Purchasing@
  • Travel@
  • Help@   (For computing issues)


  • Jeri O'Mahoney, Purchasing Analyst, 805/893-4885
  • Rebecca Pratico, Purchasing Assistant, 805/893-3396


  • Amy Cann, Travel & Events Assistant, 805/893-3798


  • Debjani Bhattacharya, Financial Analyst, 805/893-8231


  • Kaitlyn LeGros, Personnel Supervisor
  • Rustie Beal, Personnel Analyst, 805/893-3975
  • Sheri Walker, Senior Personnel Analyst, 805/893-8421
  • Yi Moreno, Personnel Analyst, 805/893-3982
  • Signe Nicklas, CCBER Personnel Analyst, 805/893-4027


  • Jessica Ajao, Contracts & Grants/Financial Manager, 805/893-7350
  • Kat Long, Financial Research Analyst, 805/893-7451
  • Beverly Aronson, Contracts & Grants Analyst, 805/893-3969
  • Catherine Szegda, Contracts & Grants Analyst, 805/893-3997


  • Cecilia Sousa, Management Services Officer, 805/893-7615

Compute Team

  • Michael Colee, Director of Computing, 6703 Ellison Hall, 805/893-7348
  • Aaron Martin, Systems Administrator,  6809 Ellison Hall, 805/893-8415
  • Darla Sharp, Information Systems,  6704 Ellison Hall, 805/893-8475