The Earth Research Institute Payroll Team provides support for all departmental and contract/grant accounts by facilitating Academic Personnel, Human Resources and Payroll processes. They assist with departmental personnel matters and payroll for all Academic, Staff and Student employees in the Earth Research Institute, CCBER and NRS.

ERI Payroll Staff


Bailey Clincy  Supervisor (805) 893-7610
Sheri Walker-Francy Senior Payroll Analyst (805) 893-8421
Rustie Beal Payroll Analyst (805) 893-3975
Vacant Payroll Analyst (805) 893-3982
Signe Nicklas CBER Payroll Analyst (805) 893-4072


How do I record my hours worked/time off in Kronos?

Kronos Timekeeping 

You must enter any hours worked or time off and approve your timecard in Kronos (login using your UCSB Net ID) by the end of each pay period. When you login to Kronos, you will see a column of dates. Next, follow these quick and easy steps to enter your time:

  1. Click in the field just to the right of the date for which you want to record hours worked or time off (in the Pay Code column).  A drop-down menu will appear. If you are recording hours worked, click “Hours Worked.” If you are recording time off, select the appropriate Pay Code (Sick, Vacation, PTO, Comp Time etc.). 
  2. Click on the next field to the right (in the Amount column), and enter the number of hours for that date. Hours should be recorded to the nearest quarter hour. 
  3. Once you have recorded all of your hours next to the appropriate dates, please confirm the timecard total matches what you intended to record.
  4. Approve your timecard by clicking on the Approve Timecard icon which is just above the column of dates, and choose Approve Timecard from the drop-down menu.
  5. You are finished! 
  6. Once you approve your timecard, you will notice that your timecard turns a yellow shade which prevents further edits. If you want to make a change after approving your timecard, all you have to do is click the Approve Timecard icon again, and choose Remove Timecard Approval from the drop-down menu.  This will open up your timecard so that you can make corrections. When you are finished, be sure to approve your timecard again.
How long does it take to hire an employee?

A full hire takes a minimum of two weeks to process, so be sure to contact the Payroll Team at as soon as possible when you are planning on hiring an employee. Please include the title, start/end dates, salary, percent time, project code and employee’s email address with your request.

How do I log into UCPath?

Employees can log into UCPath HERE with their UCSB NetID and Password. New employees will not be able to log into UCPath prior to their first day of employment. If you are having trouble logging into UCPath after your first date of employment, please reach out to the Payroll email and let them know you are having trouble logging in.

I am no longer a UC employee. How do I get my W-2?

When an employee separates from the UC system, UCPath triggers an invitation to the separating employee to create an account in the Former Employee Portal, where they will have access to a Personal Information Summary, History of earnings statements and W-2 history. Former employees have access to this information for three years following separation. If a former employee is having trouble logging into the Former Employee Portal, they must call the UCPath center at 855-982-7284 and provide a personal email address over the phone.

I did not record my hours in Kronos before the payroll deadline.  What should I do?

Please email Payroll as soon as possible if you did not enter your hours in Kronos before the payroll deadline. Please include a list of all days you worked in the pay period and how many hours you worked on each day. Please include your transfer codes if applicable.

I have Work Study. What do I need to do?

If you have been awarded a Work Study award, there is a box on the Personnel Data Form that you can mark so that Payroll is aware. You will need to provide the “Work -Study Referral Form” that can be found on My Aid Status by clicking the “Award Letter” tab, scrolling down to “Work-Study Eligibility” and clicking on the question mark. Please send the “Work-Study Referral Form” to the ERI Payroll team. For more information on the Work Study program, please visit HERE.

I was injured on the job. What should I do?

If you are hurt on the job, you must immediately report your injury to your supervisor. You or your supervisor will need to complete the Employer's First Report found HERE and choose Create Claim. Your supervisor will make arrangements for you to see a doctor if necessary.  You will be sent to the Occupational Medicine Center for treatment. If you want to be treated by your own doctor, you must fill out the Designation of Physician form in advance and have it on file with the Worker’s Compensation Office (mail code 5132) The form can be found HERE.

Where do I set up Direct Deposit?

Please go the the Direct Deposit page for detailed instructions.