Roland Knapp

Research Biologist

Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory

Marion Wittmann

Executive Director

Bldg 520 (MSRB) Room 4003C

Keith Seydel

Reserve Director

Rancho Marino Reserve

Alexa Lindauer

Project and Laboratory Manager

Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory

Christopher J. Evelyn

Assistant Researcher and Vertebrate Curatorial Manager

Harder South (Building 578), Room 1051

Andrew MacDonald

Assistant Professor

3408 Bren Hall

Lisa Stratton

Director of Ecosystem Management, Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (Cheadle Center)

Harder South, Bldg 578, Rm 1005

Andrea Adams

Assistant Researcher

Timothy DeVries

6804 Ellison Hall

Susan Mazer

4119 Life Sciences Building

Steve Gaines

Bren Hall 2410

Sally MacIntyre

4308 Marine Science Institute

Ryoko Oono

1116 Noble Hall

Roger Nisbet

2001 Noble Hall

Peter Alagona

Bren Hall 4013

Nick Nidzieko

Associate Professor

Ellison 5830

Naomi Tague

Bren Hall 4516

Max Moritz

Bren Hall 4518

Lizzie Wilbanks

2128 Noble Hall

Josh Schimel

1108 Noble Hall

Joseph McFadden

5816 Ellison Hall

John Melack

Bren Hall 4424

Jennifer King

5812 Ellison Hall

Hunter Lenihan

Bren Hall 3428

Holly Moeller

Interim Associate Director

Hillary Young

2116 Noble Hall

Frank Davis

Bren Hall 3512

Erika Eliason

2306 Marine Science Institute

Douglas McCauley

2314 Marine Science Institute

David Tilman

Bren Hall 4414

David Siegel

6844 Ellison Hall

Dar Roberts

3611 Ellison Hall

Craig Carlson

3147 Marine Biotech

Cherie Briggs

2112 Noble Hall

Bruce Kendall

Bren Hall 4514

Ben Halpern

Bren Hall 4420

Ashley Larsen

Bren Hall 4408

Alyson Santoro

2155 Marine Biotech Lab

Thomas C. Smith

Assistant Research Biologist