Boat in artic waters

Climate Change

Research at ERI is examining how anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gasses are altering the dynamics of our atmosphere, impacting Earth’s ecosystems, and affecting human health and well-being.


Douglas Burbank

Emeritus Professor

Webb 1051

Austin Chadwick

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ellison 4837

Vena Chu

4818 Ellison Hall

Frank Davenport

Associate Researcher

Ellison 4722

Qinghua Ding

Associate Professor

6806 Ellison Hall

Jeff Dozier

Bren Hall 4032

Joan Florsheim


Ellison Hall

Lee Hannah

Bren Hall 3410

Charles Jones


6810 Ellison Hall

Andrew MacDonald

Assistant Professor

3408 Bren Hall

Joel Michaelsen

5830 Ellison Hall

Pete Peterson

CHIRPS Curator

Ellison 4817

Alexander Simms

Professor, Earth Science

Webb 2041

Lisa Stratton

Director of Ecosystem Management, Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (Cheadle Center)

Harder South, Bldg 578, Rm 1005

Sangwon Suh

Bren Hall 3422

Naomi Tague

Bren Hall 4516

Callum Thompson

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ellison Hall, 6815

Ian Walker


Ellison 4834

Marion Wittmann

Executive Director

Bldg 520 (MSRB) Room 4003C