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Earth System Dynamics

ERI research into Earth System Dynamics adopts an interdisciplinary perspective of the functioning of the whole Earth system whose behavior is governed by the interactions among its various component systems, such as the atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.


Douglas Burbank

Emeritus Professor

Webb 1051

Craig Carlson

3147 Marine Biotech

Jean Carlson


Kelly Caylor

Bren Hall 4508

Austin Chadwick

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ellison 4837

Vena Chu

4818 Ellison Hall

Timothy DeVries

6804 Ellison Hall

Qinghua Ding

Associate Professor

6806 Ellison Hall

Jeff Dozier

Bren Hall 4032

Thomas Dunne

Bren Hall 4032

Joan Florsheim


Ellison Hall

James Frew

Bren Hall 4032

Vamsi Ganti

4810 Ellison Hall

Lee Harrison

Research Associate

Ellison 6716

Scott Jasechko

Bren Hall 4404

Jennifer King

5812 Ellison Hall

Sally MacIntyre

4308 Marine Science Institute

Joseph McFadden

5816 Ellison Hall

John Melack

Bren Hall 4424

Max Moritz

Bren Hall 4518