Ocean beach view next to the mountains


ERI researchers are conducting inquiries into the chemical, biological, and physical processes that govern our ocean’s health and determine the dynamics of three fourths of the planet’s surface.


Craig Carlson

3147 Marine Biotech

Timothy DeVries

6804 Ellison Hall

Qinghua Ding

Associate Professor

6806 Ellison Hall

Stuart Halewood

Research Engineer

Ellison Hall

Sally MacIntyre

4308 Marine Science Institute

Stéphane Maritorena


Ellison, 6841

Douglas McCauley

2314 Marine Science Institute

Nick Nidzieko

Associate Professor

Ellison 5830

Carter Ohlmann


Ellison 6713

Alyson Santoro

2155 Marine Biotech Lab

David Siegel

6844 Ellison Hall

Alexander Simms

Professor, Earth Science

Webb 2041

Rachel Simons

Project Scientist

Ellison 6811

Ian Walker


Ellison 4834

Libe Washburn

4306 Marine Science Building & 5818 Ellison

Lizzie Wilbanks

2128 Noble Hall