Lake in a mountain valley with peopel gathering on the waterfront

Water Resources

Water resources research focuses on the role of water in the Earth system, including physical, chemical, biological, and ecological processes that affect water cycling and water management as well as their social, policy, and public health implications.


Kelly Caylor

Bren Hall 4508

Austin Chadwick

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ellison 4837

Vena Chu

4818 Ellison Hall

Jordan F Clark


Webb 2115

Thomas Dunne

Bren Hall 4032

Joan Florsheim


Ellison Hall

Vamsi Ganti

4810 Ellison Hall

Lee Harrison

Research Associate

6716 Ellison Hall

Scott Jasechko

Bren Hall 4404

Arturo Keller

Bren Hall 3420

Donghoon Lee


Ellison Hall 4724

John Melack

Bren Hall 4424

Pete Peterson

CHIRPS Curator

Ellison 4817

Lisa Stratton

Director of Ecosystem Management, Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (Cheadle Center)

Harder South, Bldg 578, Rm 1005

Naomi Tague

Bren Hall 4516

Marion Wittmann

Executive Director

Bldg 520 (MSRB) Room 4003C