Interdepartment / Intercampus Orders for Goods and Services (Recharges)

Goods and services provided by departments on any UC campus are paid for using the intercampus recharge system. In some cases, such as the Physics and Chemistry storerooms, we will need to set up an account for you before you can order what you need. Please reach out to with a copy to and let us know with which department you would like to place an order and the project code you intend to use - we will provide direction on the next steps.

Shared Instrumentation

The UCSB Shared Instrumentation Network is a directory of shared instrumentation and laboratory facilities on the UCSB campus, designed to assist campus researchers and research partners. It is created in collaboration with the UCSB Office of Research and campus Sustainability Office, with support from the Materials Research Laboratory. The network is intended to bridge all departments on campus and provide resources for interdisciplinary collaboration both on and off campus.

Purchasing Lab Supplies - Campus Storerooms

The Physics and Chemistry departments on campus stock a wide variety of items to assist the research community. Chemistry Storeroom offerings include laboratory glassware, tools, dry ice and hundreds of chemicals commonly used in research. The Physics Storeroom has everything you need for your next custom electronics build. For more information about their location, hours of operation and current inventory, click the relevant link to the right to be redirected to one of these departments.

Poster Printing

Two departments on campus offer poster printing services to help you create posters for conferences, meetings and other research projects. Their rates are comparable with differing hardware capabilities.

The Physics department offers 36” printing and accepts online orders submitted as PDFs. Clicking on the Start Print Order button toward the bottom of the screen will direct you to a Google Doc to be filled out and submitted along with your PDF. You can also make a reservation and visit the printing room in person, located behind Broida Hall in Building (trailer) 937, Room 1004. For more details and hours of operation, visit their website by clicking the link to the right of this text.

CNSI offers a Hewlett Packard 42” large format printer, thus being able to accommodate larger poster printing needs. Orders need to be submitted by Google doc in the Poster Printing room, 3204 Elings Hall. For more information, visit their website by clicking the link to the right of this text and selecting the Poster Printing dropdown menu.

Off-Campus Lab Services

Many departments across the UC system offer lab and analytical services to the research community. If you have a lab you’d like to utilize, please contact us at and let us know which services you plan to use. We also ask that you include our email address in the billing section of any form you submit and ask the lab to send an invoice to us once work is complete.

If you will be shipping samples for analysis, please submit a FedEx Form requisition in Gateway and we will send you a label to print and attach to your shipment. For details about how to submit a FedEx Form, navigate to the Domestic Shipments section of the Shipping page.